Monday, 21 April 2014

Switch Box Invaders is now a free app.

Just heard from Simon Evans at Cognable that his brilliant (and accessible) arcade game 'Switch Box Invaders' is going free, not just for today but forever. The game can be played with a Bluetooth switch or by touching the screen. I've used this app with students during my travels and some students love it.

You can download the app here: SWITCH BOX INVADERS

Don't forget that you can download both Switch Box Invaders and Sensory Light Box for the PC / MAC for free from Cognable's web site.


Niki Music App - The best 69p you'll ever spend.

If, like me you've been looking for a easy way for students to be able to choose their own music on the ipad, you need look no further than 'Niki Music' app. For just 69p, Niki Music lets you create simple choosing boards like the one above using your own images and music. Choose a music track, attach an image (from the camera roll or one you downloaded from Google) and away you go. Students touch the big buttons to choose the track they want to listen to.

All editing buttons are locked away behind the on-screen padlock. You'll have to answer a simple maths problem to unlock them. Seriously, a very good app well worth the 69p it will cost.

Here's the link to the app: NIKI MUSIC APP

Oh and if you need an image for any 'One Direction' tracks. Here's the one I use.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Cognable's Sensory Sound Box UPDATED

Had an email today from Simon Evans, the author of Cause and Effect: Sensory Light Box informing us that the app has been updated for IOS 7 and now includes four new scenes. The update is free if you have already purchased the app.

This is brilliant news for those working with students at the earliest levels of cause and effect. Students touch the screen to create colourful effects accompanied by interesting sounds. Move a finger around the screen and the effects follow your finger with the sounds changing in pitch, reinforcing the concept of 'magic fingers'.

The updated app is available from the App Store for £1.49.

Simon has kindly given me 10 redeem codes for free copies of this app which I'll be giving away on my SENICT Facebook page early next week.