Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Short review: My Doo-zy, My Friend, Our Journey

Written by Julia Barnes, a teacher and Heather Clarke, a speech therapist from Ravenscliffe Special School in Halifax, this 200 page book is packed with very practical examples of structured teaching with switches for students with severe and profound learning difficulties. Although written around the Doo-zy switch from Switch-ed (and I would recommend that you check the links at the end of this review to find out more about the Doo-zy), if your budget won't stretch to new equipment, all of the activities can also be taught with a Big Mack, a switch that the child can use and a toy controller, most of which you'll already have in school.

The book presents activities in a structured way, beginning at the earliest levels of cognition through choosing activities and problem solving activities linked to the new computing curriculum. 

All of the activities in the book are aligned to the UK P Levels and the excellent 'Routes for Learning' assessment tool for children with complex needs. Users of my Switch Progression Road Map will find it easy to add in these activities to teaching and assessment tools they may already be using. There's also a whole chapter covering extension ideas for use across the wider school curriculum.

The book benefits from the collaboration between teaching and speech therapy providing activities that focus on making progress in both areas. I really like that the authors provide their lesson plans and all of the links to published research material are properly referenced for those like me that want to find out more.

This is a very useful book even if you don't have a Doo-zy in your school. It's packed with tried and tested lesson plans and activities all of which you will be able to replicate and adapt for the students in your school. Time to get out the switch adapted toys and have some fun!

My Doo-zy, My Friend, Our Journey is available from Switch-ed and costs £20.

For more information about the Doo-zy, visit their web site

John from Switch-ed has kindly given us two copies of this brilliant book to give away on my Facebook page. Click here for your chance to win.


  1. This article has some vast and valuable information about this subject.

  2. Thanks for your recommendation! A book is a window of hope, especially for children with special needs. Reading the full reviews makes me interested to adopt the tips and tricks inside the book. I will give 3 star for this book.