Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Our Story for iPad

I just wanted to share with you this brilliant new digital book making app from the Open University.

Our Story for iPad is an easy to use app that gives you the tools to make simple talking books quickly and easily. Our Story for iPad is free to download.

You can get it from here:

To make a book simply touch the 'Create New Story' button which will take you to the edit screen.

Choose the images you want to use in your story by dragging them down onto the time line at the bottom of the screen. You could do this with the students as part of a sequencing activity too. Now touch each image in turn to add text and sound.

Touch in the box to add text. Our Story uses a lovely child friendly font. Now touch the microphone icon to add your sound. Do check that the sound on your iPad is turned up as you'll still here beeps when you press buttons even if the sound is turned down or muted. When you're done, touch the yellow 'Go Back' button to return to the edit screen. Don't forget to save your story with the orange 'Disk' button as you go along.

When you're done simply go back to the start screen using the yellow 'Go Back' button and choose your story.

I'm busy trying the app with switches and will post a comment about that when I'm finished. Don't forget you can print out your stories or save them as PDF files which can be emailed to another ipad or computer directly from within the app.

What are you waiting for... go get that app!

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  1. hi there!
    so i tried this app - but the NewBlue2-Switch didn't work, and if i tried to export the book into a PDF - the app died .. what are your experiences with it?